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February 12, 2008


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Hmm, let me give this one some thought ... if someone took away my students (i.e., I couldn't be a law professor anymore), I'd want to spend my time writing about legal thought in the old South--spending days amidst trial court records and maybe appellate reports in someplace like Tuscaloosa or maybe Chapel Hill, depending on the season.

Tim Zinnecker

Combining my joy from playing the piano with my Southern Baptist leanings, and if I could go back in time about 20-50 years, I would have enjoyed sitting where Tedd Smith sat for so many years as the pianist for the Billy Graham crusades during their heyday.

As for switching jobs today? Can I get paid to taste-test Godiva biscuits while reading mysteries/thrillers????

Anthony Infanti

I posted my reply to Kathy's tag over at Feminist Law Professors earlier this afternoon, and I'm cross-posting my reply here:

When I was on our Appointments Committee a few years ago, we played the “what if” game at dinner one night after a long day of interviewing at the meat market. My answer then is the same as it is now—and, unfortunately, it’s not nearly as selfless as Kathy’s choice of Doctors Without Borders. At the risk of sounding too stereotypically gay, my dream job would be working as a pastry chef. I love to cook, and I particularly love to bake. If I had the time, I would really like to learn how to turn food into art, which is how I see working with pastry and making desserts. It might not save anyone’s lives, but it certainly can brighten up someone’s day!

Tracy McGaugh

Okay, Kath, I'll play. I'm not sure I'd want to go with you to the war zone, but I'd happily take a spot in a refugee camp. I'd love to collect information of some kind. Just spend the days going tent-to-tent talking to refugees and collecting information that would later be used for some worthwhile purpose. I'd be "the lady with the clipboard." If anyone out there is offering a census-taking job in a refugee camp that offers childcare and an opportunity for my husband to do some telecommuting, just let me know!

Plan C is to be a backup singer.

I used to want to do stand-up comedy, but that's already a big part of my current job, so I don't think I'd get the thrill of something new that refugee worker or backup singer would offer.

Sarah S.

What a fun post! My answers have changed over time only insofar as I've come to grips with reality. For example, when I was 10 I either wanted to be President or the first woman to play Major League Baseball. (I even wrote a Hall of Fame induction speech.) These are becoming less viable options as time goes on. Now I just want to write novels and coach high school soccer.

If I made the jump, would I still be a lawyer? (Does it matter?) I can hear my (fill in critical family member here): "What a waste of a law degree!" Then again, good stories require conflict so I suppose the experience is worth it!

Thinking out loud's raining in Philadelphia.


Two choices for me, representing the duality of man. My own selfish ambitions are attracted to a life in politics, the selfless side of me would rush off to join the International Justice Mission.

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