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February 21, 2008


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John C

It's such a rube's game to try to determine with accuracy law review ranking or prestige. Over on Concurring Opinions today (or maybe it was Volokh . . . ) there was a post about strategies for placing papers, which from the comments boiled down to Kremlinology like timing: do I send in late February or early March? Do I send electronically or by hard copy? When do I expidite, and to which journals?

If these "methods" have any validity at all, and how or when you submit your article is any determinate of where it ultimately appears, gauging with accuracy the "prestige" of a particular journal seems foolish. Randomness would have just as much to do with article placement (seemingly) as quality.

In the end, it is probably true that, much like law schools themselves, you can probably only rank according to rough grouping (dare I say "tier"), and even that is fuzzy at the margins.

Donnay Homes

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