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February 21, 2008


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As a young intelligent black woman searching for a pitbull puppy to love I find your question so disturbing i won't even consider it bigotry. I would consider you to be largely uninformed and inherently ghetto. People like you are sad.

Kevin Maillard

THank you for reading the question. WHat do you think about the substance of the post?


I don't believe she read the entire post... You asked the question in reference/comparison to the 19th century- showing that we don't use those ways anymore on anything else, why use them on this issue; and that if we were doing this with humans-characterising them by certain traits and such, it would be an outrage, so why do it with animals? What is the difference?(that was my understanding of the post, anyway. please correct me if i'm wrong) People that do not read things in the entirity, or take things out of context tend to bug me a little- and some people are just very defensive no matter what....but what can ya do right?

Great post. Very fair and well written.


Having not read the post itself and just taking the title out of context, Amber is obviously not as "intelligent" as she claims to be. Amber, having such strong opinions about a post that you haven't even read... that's awfully "ghetto" of you. Sad.

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I adore pitbulls like any other dogs. Kudos for this information here!

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AGGGHHHH!!! I missed it all AGAIN. You need to give a clue, as to when you're going to post your stash!

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Tomorrow is an other day!@

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