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February 26, 2008


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Bradford Hardin

I've often heard that Mrs. Clinton would seriously consider nominating Seth Waxman of WilmerHale, though this plays into the difficulty discussed in the TNR piece in nominating someone directly from private practice.

Would it be improper or unseemly for Justice Ginsburg to call the white house, or have lunch with "it", and say something like "I'm going to retire after OT 2010. Why don't you appoint Seth to a CTA spot so that you can elevate him (or whomever else is coming from private practice) when I step down."?

Bradford Hardin

A new article in the Washintonian provides some support for my comment above:

"For a new Democratic president, former solicitor general Seth Waxman is considered the next justice in waiting. He is a busy partner at Washington’s WilmerHale"

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