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February 28, 2008


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John C

This phenomenon's effect will last for the rest of our lifetimes, and beyond; what is the effect of creating a generation filled with millions of men who have been shaped, damaged, and criminally trained by spending significant time in prison? And what is the effect of increasing millions without fathers, or who grow up within sub-societies where significant percentages of their piers and parents have been incarcerated?

Whatever it is, it can't be good. Lord knows they aren't getting rehabilitated in there.


Prison is mission work for the devil. All it does is make criminals out potentially productive members of society, and make worse criminals out of troubled individuals. It rehabilitates no one. It's about revenge, big business, and class suppression. Social and economic inequity are the main qualifying factors for being "recruited" into prison, yes recruited!

Mrs. Appleman, perhaps more people should draw attention to the fact that our incarceration rates skyrocketed as soon as we turned over our prison system to big business. Who lobbied for and funded the rhetoric for the war on drugs? Taxes may cover a lot the cost, but there's no question where the money goes, and who much of the forced labor benefits-- it's not society (unless one is delusional enough to really think that all corporate profits equal public good, my goodness, many of us ARE that delusional).

Why do we keep looking for solutions without first identifying the oh-so-obvious problem?

"I know what you're saying, 'but free market capitalism is essential to freedom!' Yes, and sex is essential to human reproduction, but we don't (hump) everything!" - Bill Maher

nihilo sanctum estne?

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