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September 11, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

For a trenchant and sobering analysis of why Donald John Trump is president, I would suggest reading Ta-Nehisi's "The First White President," published in the October 2017 issue of Atlantic Magazine. It is also online. Donald Trump won because he is White.


Chris Rock = Smart
Amy Schumer = Not Smart


Deep Space Nine - Donald Trump is the president because he ran against a candidate worse than himself, Hillary.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


So, you are more concerned about a WOMAN"S emails than the country? How was she worse?


if you want clever libertarian humor, look up the videos by Remy.


Let's amplify that:

In my view, posting that video is conduct unbecoming a law professor (if he teaches classes). This is political pornography, and Lubet is supporting and promoting it on this blog.


Deep Space Nine - Yeah, that and the corruption of the Clinton crime family.

Derek Tokaz

The first video wasn't particularly funny. "DACA shame," the first line of the song, is basically the only clever joke. "DACA shame, put 'em on a plane" isn't exactly clever, intricate, challenging, or unanticipated. The song is essentially just the "DACA shame" pun repeated over and over with a bit of filler.

By contrast, Fox's video is pretty good in the genre of insult comedy. Maybe insult comedy just isn't your thing, but this would have been funny if read by any number of regular Comedy Central roasters.

If you really want to know what the two types of political humor are, it's very easy. There's the political humor that's going for laughs, and the political humor that's going for applause.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


So, you read the "Clinton Cash" book. Found a copy for .99 cents on the Barnes and Noble scratch and dent table. What tripe. So, Trump has a foundation that pays for giant oil paintings and statuary of himself and golf fees to his resorts and you are silent. The Clinton Foundation raised money from wealthy oil sheiks and gave it for clean water projects in Africa and Haitian Hurricane relief and you have a problem? There is no moral equivalency.


Deep Space Nine - No, I watched the news for the past 17 years and followed the Clinton Foundation's activities. That was enough.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Interesting. What news did you watch? Breitbart? Infowars with Alex Jones, Storm Front? If the Clinton Foundation was so CROOKED, why did Bush I and II and other public figures participate in a knowing, intelligent and voluntary manner? They were very very public about it and proud.

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