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August 19, 2017


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Thanks, partisans. The Jew hater feels compelled to respond to the Trump hater with the same venom (and a lot less sophistication). Go figure. My guess is the Jew hater probably hates Trump too, because of Trump’s stand on other issues that are said to have religious overtones or significance. But, there must be a sorting and prioritization of the hate, one supposes. So much hate, so little time.

So, the haters just sort of blindly lash out and America slips back into medieval times and tropes.

All sides, Steve. All sides. That’s what this whole latest hysteria was about. He said “all sides” … Oh, the horror. People can't even figure out how to sort out all their hate. But, you can see it on your own threads, Steve. All sides.

As American civil society crumbles, you can say you were right, Steve, that every person with an R after their name was evil and the sole cause of it. You can, as they say in GOT, survey the bleak landscape of hate that you seem to feel so deeply, your own blighted visions of about half of our people, and rule the ruin that your party seems to crave.

It appears this reader that the Democratic party and the majority of the press want to see the worst in everything that this President does not because they truly are so morally superior but because they don’t believe he should have won the election and won’t accept the result. (So ironic, given the hysteria before the election when he wouldn't say he would, no matter what, accept the results of the election.)

In doing everying possible to engage in rank hyperbole to magnify every perceived flaw, the Democrats will stop at nothing to stir up hateful emotions. On all sides, Steve. We need to condemn violence on ALL SIDES Steve. We need to condemn hate on ALL SIDES, Steve.

So, Steve Lubet, look at what your political campaigns evoke and ask yourself: are you a beacon of hope and positivity, and offering anything of value, any insight about a better way forward, or are you just a victim of your own blind allegiance to a party that really hasn’t earned it, pouring gasoline on every fire and provoking the worst instincts in your fellow partisans?

Monica R Miles

Anon has nailed it, you're pouring gasoline on fire Steve. Condemning all sides that do wrong and promote hate and violence is the right thing to do.

When radical Jews create an online database such as the 'Canary Mission database' to shame students, professors, moms and dads, and the list goes on and on publicly, by ruining their career, reputation, and life and calling them names for exercising their 1st amendment rights, that is the essence of bigots in order to silence them. I see Asians in the database list, Asians! You're not building tolerance, you're building hate and anger.

Should a white, black or you name it creates a database for Jews to document what they say about Christianity on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Colleges? Would that solve anything or create more hate and anger. Are you educating or destroying ? The answer is yours to answer professor.


I'll answer the rubbish above, Steve.

If you see the world only thru the prism of racial or religious identity (which is the hallmark of the present D party, btw), then you are completely missing the point.

But, for Steve, think about the tone and content of the comment above. How different is the rhetoric of the present D party with respect to identifying political positions by the race or religion of the persons who hold those views? Has the D party, and its partisan constituents, fomented this sort of world view?

Again, this sort of hate begets hate.


I'm not going to engage in a debate with you, but, if you are not in fact Monica R. Miles, it is grossly inappropriate to use such a name in your posts.

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