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August 16, 2017


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Monica R Miles - why should anyone have to tolerate anti-semites, xenophobes and bigots. It's a false equivalence, intellectual dishonest and quite shameful really.

Monica R Miles

[M][@][c][K]| - we need proper discussions and resolutions to these topics. I am not in favor of twisted words. Are you advocating for no tolerance ? We learn in schools to bring different discussions to the table. You can discuss it with respect. Whether you like the discussion that is your predicament. Denying outright a discussion doesn't prove tolerance.If someone doesn't like a certain discussion, they can either participate or leave but attempt to deny it doesn't prove to be the right solution.

I think to every side there is a story and common understanding of debates like these will teach love and tolerance. Steve Lubet called out James and William as ' extremely nasty anonymous comments' then to dodge an ongoing proper response he said 'I will not respond to anonymous commenters.' So why did he share his CNN article. Was his goal to open a discussion or to attack president Trump. If this is how he handles discussions, then I can see how he would do the same in his class when dealing with students that come up with different views. In fact, Rate My professor doesn't show pleasant reviews about his taught classes.


@Monica R Miles - I'm advocating for a certain intolerance, if that is the way you want, to use your expression 'twist my words.' I see absolutely no sense in trying to argue that Jew, Blacks, Muslims or 'ordinary decent people' need to show tolerance for anti-Semites, Racists and Xenophobes.

When you disingenuously say "neither side can tolerate each other. It is an ongoing cycle" you are being deliberately obtuse. Anti-Semites want to deny Jews, at best, any rights, at worst their very existence; White-Power advocates want to deny Blacks their rights, even perhaps their existence. You place them on the same plane, and expect that Jews, Black, Muslims, Gays and others treat as people who should be tolerated and debated as being morally acceptable.

Steve Lubet was quite right in calling out James an William's extremely nasty comments, which as far as I could see were simply seeking to use the debate to spread disgusting stereotypes about Jews. The only reason to debate them is to denounce them, to allow decent people to recognise that they are scum.

I am actually very troubled by your efforts to try to suggest that there is some sort of equivalence between their views and those of Steve Lubet. There are things I disagree with Steve about, BDS for example (though I am not a supporter of BDS), or aspects of Israeli policy. But the sort of 'Jews Killed Jesus' or Jews hate Christians cr@p that William and James have been peddling is simply a disgraceful and wholly unacceptable.

I have no idea who you are, and very little interest, based on your comment in knowing more.

Monica R Miles

[M][@][c][K]| - Look at you now. I guess you didn't realize it that now you're calling them names and denying history about Jesus and Christianity. They didn't say 'Jews killed Jesus' look at their comments very carefully. It is you now saying that. They spoke about religious holidays, love for Jesus, and Christians.

When you deny history, why do you want the world to also accept and acknowledge the holocaust ? I have many moderate Jewish friends and they're awesome for who they are. They don't care about these debates and they wouldn't participate in it and they know too well there are radical and extreme racist Jews just like there are with any other religion. Not 'all' Jews are angels are they ? There are Jews who commit crimes, others who promote hate and the list goes on and on.

Even the Department of education found a Jewish institution committing fraud under the Obama's administration. U.S. Ends Michigan Jewish Institute Student Aid. They were taking federal student aid to teach students in Israel at israeli insinuations with these federal funds. That is fraud right there, sending money to non American institution. The media wasn't speaking about it, why is that ? Jews were not happy with Obama, especially Israel, now they are not happy with Trump either.

Jews and Israel were neither happy with Obama or Trump. Visiting jpost during Obama's presidency and they called him the worst names and referring to last name 'barack' as supporter of extreme Islam. Obama is now gone, comes Trump and they are calling Trumps names as well.

I think James and William brought the Christianity and Jesus topic to protect themselves against allegations such as antisemitism. You see, when you couldn't answer them, are you becoming a bigot when you outright call them names or simply angry at the topic because it offends you somehow?

What happen if Steve Lubet knew the identity of James and William, he will go publicly to shame them, which will harm their reputation, possibly career and life because everyone will be jumping on the bandwagon. You don't think Jews can discriminate ?

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