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August 16, 2017


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They should all leave now. A white supremacist in the White House will stain everyone's reputation, and a year from now we will be taking stock of who had the moral courage to walk and who stood by their so-called president.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Maybe, just maybe, it is a very binary reason they won't leave...they can't. They need the money. It's the same reason I shop at Walmart, it's cheap. I know that Walmart is evil on moral and economic grounds. I am selfish It's about money.


Oh, I'd say about 7 more years.


Lubet you're annoying and the class is annoyed by your taught courses.

Anything that is said about any Jewish individual, they call it antisemitic, it is a good tool to use but it is getting old. Do you teach in synagogues how to hate Christians ? How do you view your christian friends ? Do you trust Christians ? Do you love Jesus ? Please tell me you love Jesus.

Moderate Muslims respect Jesus. Yes there are radicals but there are moderate as well. How does Judaism teach respecting Jesus ? Do we have moderate Jews respecting Jesus ? Why ivy schools takes high percentage of Jews than any other race? They dominated the higher education academia and they know it. That is not antisemitism, don't hide behind such word. If the average individual don't like that fact about dominance, that is their right, don't throw the word antisemitic to protect yourself.


I agree in part with James. First amendment protects every individual. When you advocate for 1st amendment but you call someone antisemitic to protect your own identity against any criticism, well in that case you're a hypocrite and a hater.

Christians were prosecuted during the Roman Empire in millions, many of them died at the hands of Diocletian and Galerius, or have we forgotten about this ? They didn't come up with a term similar to antisemitic during WWII and the holocaust. The more Jews preach about these words such as antisemitic the more the world will criticize you.

It is true, Jews don't like Jesus and many don't like Christians, they work with them but that doesn't mean they like them. Tell any Jew 'Merry Christmas' they will either look at you angry and tell you "I am Jewish" or they will tell you "Happy Holiday." they don't like to tell you Merry Christmas. So what are they preaching at that moment ? Hate, No tolerance for other religious holidays.

Approach Muslims and they will tell you Merry Christmas and Christians do tell them Happy Ramadan. They aren't offended by "Merry Christmas"

You don't discuss these topics publicly because Jews and the media will label you antisemitic which will affect your job, your education and your life/family. I am happy that Trump is the president of the united states and gets to call facts as they are.


Kelly did a very poor job at remaining stone faced ....


I have to disagree.

First, I would rather Trump have rational and decent people around him when he's deciding on nuclear war.

Second, this does nothing to remove or disempower the President. The US isn't a parliamentary democracy where a prime minister can be replaced if enough of his party loses confidence in him. In those countries, cabinet resignations signal that major parts of the governing party are losing confidence. In the US, the president has a fixed term, so a resignation of a decent person creates some temporary bad publicity. I can't see Trump resigning because of bad publicity. (Maybe I'm wrong.)

A further disadvantage of resignation is that the replacement will almost surely be much worse, and the replacement will reduce already remote chance that the Twenty-Fifth Amendment will be invoked.

Any sane and reasonable person working for Trump while to ameliorate his irrational purposes deserves our gratitude.


@William "Tell any Jew 'Merry Christmas' they will either look at you angry and tell you "I am Jewish" or they will tell you "Happy Holiday." they don't like to tell you Merry Christmas."

Any jew? really? Are you sure, because, well, I've never experienced that. Indeed, my recollection from my childhood was of big Jewish department stores who were perfectly happy to say Merry Christmas and I have distinctly heard Jewish colleagues wish a muslim colleague Ramadan Kareem and/or Ramadan Mubarak (you are right about "Happy Ramadan" though, seems they were more familiar with the correct greeting (funny that)), or Eid Mubarak and Blessed Eid as well as use the expression Salam Alaikum. Then there were the Jewish classmates that had no problem saying the quite Christian 'Dia Duit' and responding "Dia is Muire Duit' in Gaelic and in DC Happy Kwanzaa. But I suppose they must have been the "bad Jews" that right wingers keep telling me about.

Steve, you are such a racist for not discussing why Jews don't say Happy Ramadan and Merry Christmas - can you tell me why the Jews I have never encountered who make an issue of this, make an issue of this? I mean, I need to understand these, at least to me, imaginary Jews.

Of course, I have been in offices where all sorts of religious festivals occurred in roughly the same two-three week time-frame at the end of the year - Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus (some vary your to year) and inclusiveness led one to simply wish everyone 'happy holidays' - but now I know that this was really bigotry, that I should have left one religion or another out. So sorry, I'll no better - should I stick to Hail Satan then?


@[M][@][c][K]| If you follow Steve Lubet's posts you will know he could be racist and if you call him out, he will call you antisemitic.

Listen, Jews hate what Trump is saying, they now feel their identity are threatened because he is allowing other Americans to speak up. Call it White nationalist, White southerners, you keep labeling people and you're forgetting yourself that you can be labeled yourself.

David Duke shared a video on twitter, I never knew who he was until the press cited his video to trump. When he cites how Jews run the media and discriminate in higher education, these are facts, that is not antisemitic and America doesn't like it anymore. Many ivy schools have presidents and deans and staff in the admission office who are Jewish. Google founder is Jewish, Facebook founder is Jewish. Is that bad, not really but the public perceives it bad because of how the Jews act. Now we see how the Media is ganging on Trump because for the first time ever, they don't like what they hear.

Steve Lubet is Jewish. What makes him leave his taught courses at Northwestern just to attempt while sugar coating his words to attack Trumps Cabinet by calling them decent on CNN. I guess that is what he teaches at Northwestern Law School.

If a Jew can tell me Merry Christmas or Happy Easter than they've learned tolerance but don't preach it when you don't know it.


Actually, I have called Steve out repeatedly on issues like Israel, BDS, etc. and he's never called me an anti-Semite. Indeed if I recall correctly, he's chided those who did.

Is this the same Steve Lubet? Because he's not a prone to flinging the anti-Semite allegation around - there are indeed some who post here that do, but not Steve Lubet. Maybe we're taking about an imaginary Good-Jew-Steve Lubet, or maybe you are stereotyping.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

A Christian little boy and a Jewish little boy, both friends, were talking at school. All of a sudden, the Christian little boy punches the Jewish boy in the head. The Jewish boy screams, "What did you do that for?" The Christian boy responds, "You killed our God and Savior." The Jewish boy responds, "That was two thousand seventeen years ago." The Christian boy says, "Yah, I just learned about it today." I think there are some lessons here for some of you posters...


UFO e to think of it, I do remember a Jewish colleague who was unhappy with a Christmas tradition - it was a December in Amsterdam and a group of Swartz Piet went running by - we both saw this for the first time; of course, since my reaction was also more or less holy sh!t, wtf!, I don't think I can ascribe his to Judaism....


@Deep State Special Legal Counsel

It doesn't matter if it is 2017 years ago + Jesus was risen and the Jewish temple was torn into half. Look, the more the Jewish people will keep using the holocaust as their excuse for everything and the word antisemitic, the more the world will dislike it. Don't label people if you don't want to be labeled.

Don't teach in synagogues how to hate Jesus. Don't teach your kids to use the word antisemitic for every little disagreement they have with a non Jewish individual. You're not building tolerance that way, you're building hatred and anger. When you dominate higher education, you bare more responsibilities toward the world for giving you that chance. Same goes for employments. If you act selfish, if you fake it till you make it, if you back stab people for their kindness, you won't be liked and it will move from generation to generation.


William, has it occurred to you that people call you an anti-Semite because you obviously are.


@[M][a][c][K] | Unfortunately for you I've never been called anti-semit.

Sounds like you hate facts. Lets run toward the term anti-semite to attack an argument against Jews. You're not going to learn, don't ask the world to love Jews when this is how they behave and act. I told you Christians were prosecuted and killed in millions during the roman empire yet they didn't come up with a term that the Jews come up with. You know

If you can answer me:

Do Jews love Jesus ?
Do Jews respect Christians and can wish them Merry Christmas or Happy Easter ?
Do Jews teach in synagogues their kids how to hate Jesus ?

So far you haven't answered because deep down in your heart that is how Jews are. Good Luck. You can't buy love and respect from the world. You can seek it with power and dominance but that is about it. Power and dominance can be taken away any time.



I've decided to stop feeding the troll - go away, haven't you a supremacist rally to attend.


@[M][a][c][K] | That is my term buddy. You've been trolling ever since you started to reply with that Jewish boy story of yours and you still can't answer my questions, you've proven my point.

You've been up since 4 AM i see, you need to sleep or get your coffee and go out.

Power and dominance: After so many years comes J. B. Pritzker to donate 100 million to Northwester law school and the name gets changed to Pritzker school of law. Do you see what power and dominance did to Northwestern? So now someone else can come and donate even a bigger amount and the school name will change again ? Now he is running for a governor.

Steve Lubet, you've been silent for a while but definitely not on CNN with your twisted words against Trump Cabinet. Look how you word the title of your article 'How much longer can decent people serve in Trump's cabinet?' So if they don't leave they aren't decent? You attack like a snake while attempting to cover your hatred.


Oh nice! he is moderating the comments now *thumbs up*


Steve Lubet, you're great and amazing! You have a great sense of humor. I love you!

That is how the words should be worded. You made a new topic just about the commentators.

'Extremely nasty anonymous comments' you say because you can't answer simple questions?

Do Jews love Jesus ?
Do Jews respect Christians and can wish them Merry Christmas or Happy Easter ?
Do Jews teach in synagogues their kids how to hate Jesus ?

You can attack Trump's Cabinet but you can't tolerate simple questions.

Monica R Miles

What i am reading here is that neither side can tolerate each other. It is an ongoing cycle.

I am very curious to hear Steve Lubet's side on higher education and the claim that it is dominated by Jews. What does he think about that.

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