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July 11, 2017


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Brian Clarke

One of the most fascinating people I have ever met was a lawyer in my hometown of Greensboro, NC named Dick Douglas. One of the many, many, MANY fascinating aspects of Dick's life was his friendship with Amelia Earhart. He would often visit Ms. Earhart and her husband, George Putnam, at their home in Rye, NY. Once, when Dick was [I think] an undergrad at Georgetown, he was scheduled to take the train to Rye for the weekend, but Ms. Earhart was passing through DC in her autogiro (an early helicopter-like contraption) and sent word for Dick to meet her and fly home with her. He did and said it was quite an experience (and was neither his first nor last flight with Ms. Earhart).

Dick was also personally recruited to the FBI by J. Edgar Hoover before WWII, served in the OSS during WWII, argued before the Supreme Court, was (literally) the model for the Eagle Scout statute in front of many Boy Scout buildings, went on African Safari and into the wilds of the Yukon in the 1920s, and on and on.

Dick died in Dec 2015 at age 103.

Surely some legal history in there ...

Brian Clarke

And Dick's obit in the NY Times ...

Bill Turnier

Thanks, Brian. The NYT obit was probably the most fascinating one I have read. The only one of a great grandson of Stephen Douglas of Illinois.

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