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May 12, 2017


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Katherine Macfarlane

Ten years ago, this was common practice at California's Lancaster prison. A prisoner civil rights case I worked on involved a long lockdown during which outdoor exercise and other activities were halted, and inmate copies of The Autobiography of Malcolm X were confiscated. When I deposed the Lancaster warden about this decision, I had some fun reading from the book and asking the warden why its most inspiring portions were so problematic.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

I don't get it. A book says "Black Power" a few times and criticizes "the Man" and it is banned? I will bet these same prison administrators let the Old and New Testament in without question. The Bible is the most violent, sexually prurient committee document every written. There are all sorts of sexual relationships and sexual abuses as war spoils. animal abuse and instances of Domestic Violence ....many no doubt would be prosecuted.

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