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April 04, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

I understand this is repetitive on my part, but it took Professor Gienapp 16 dense paragraphs to get to the GUN. Packing Heat. T-Rump's adherents know that. They don't need Plato, Hobbs and Aristotle. Why use language like "historicism," when Sig Sauer is where it's at? Originalism gets twisted for political ends to scare people into voting for T-Rump and floods Cabela's during Obama's presidency. So, where does abortion fit into all of this?


The Captain's new moniker is no disguise.

Same seemingly intentional drifting and often bizarre content, seemingly posted just to piss people off.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

anon at 7:08,

Guilty on this issue. I feel very strongly about this. Can't divorce the politics from this. We are ruining our deep Constitutional history for the sake of a material object specifically designed and manufactured to kill another human being. Originalism and guns make it quaint and easy to kill. It's not about ducky hunting on Golden Pond. So, the question is, why don't these Originalist folks support the health care choice of women? Or the right to travel freely? Those seem to be Original concepts to me. They only care about a material object, a gun.


"seemingly posted just to piss people off"

Appears it works on you!



Disgusted would be a better word to describe my feelings about it.

Maybe nauseated?

Hard to decide.

Comments that just pile on with the sandbox shi., maybe posted by the same person (who seems so bored and ignored as to be driven to going back to old posts trying to revive some attention)?

Same reaction.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

The posters who label my comments as "nauseating, disgusting" or threaten to have me "banned," are not law professors or attorneys. I make academic arguments in a Trumpian style, except more to the left and truthful. Most attorneys, except for Divorce practitioners, engage on an intellectual level. My professors from 29 years ago did the same sorts of things in class.... I also invite you to a high volume Misdemeanor/Traffic courtroom, where one can not make long winded academic arguments and present dense writings. I think you folks who jump up and down and scream and yell are shills for the wing nuts at the NRA. (Not the National Recovery Act)

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