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August 09, 2013


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"The earth belongs in usufruct to the living..."

Alfred Brophy

Yes it does.


I generally agree that we don't want to "disappear" history. But sometimes signs/symbols are hurtful reminders of oppression that has yet to be fully lifted.

Tamara Piety

I too am somewhat skeptical about renaming but the truth is that Brady's history was already forgotten by most Tulsa residents. So whatever the outcome, this has been a really valuable exercise. And given how it seemed like the comments in the Tulsa World were overwhelmingly against renaming I am impressed that the Council was tied. That means that several members were in favor of renaming who I wouldn't have predicted would go that way. I would be happy to see it renamed, if only as a symbolic gesture by a city that still hasn't really taken responsibility for its role in the loss of life then. The theater, the district, and other private entities would stay "Brady" but there would be some modest value in an official repudiation of that part of the past. Stay tuned.

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