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July 18, 2013


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Dave Camel

How does she feel about the employment prospects of her students at Whitter Law School? According to LST, the Non-Discounted Cost of WLS: $241,344.

34.1% of graduates were known to be employed in long-term, full-time legal jobs.

Alfred Brophy

Welcome Seval, looking forward to your posts.

concerned for Widener

How do her students feel about her using her position to anti-Israel hate? On their dime.


Fortunately, it is not up to students to decide what faculty are allowed to think.

Seval Yildirim

Al, thank you for the warm welcome.

Dave Camel

Unfortunately, its up to students to fund the faculty lifestyle that allows the faculty to think about things that provide no value to the student's reason for funding the faculty.

Patrick S. O'Donnell

This reader now feels compelled to express his unalloyed delight at someone of Professor Yildirim's educational background and professional expertise guest-blogging here at the Lounge.

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