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July 12, 2013


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Bob Strassfeld

Sno-Balls? Good lord, why?

And it is not high-brow to avoid Walmart, simply a decent response to bad corporate behavior. I, for one, will continue to shop elsewhere.

Bob Strassfeld

Doug Richmond

How could you overlook another Hostess delicacy, Mickey's Banana Flips?

Joan Heminway

I admit to being a Sno Ball lover, although the place of Sno Balls in my current limited-calorie eating program will be a small one. Nevertheless, bring 'em on.



Paula Byler

Don't like SNOBALLS but I love HOHOS!!! What is a banana flip? I also like ding dongs and susie Qs! Hope HOHOS are out soon. AMazon is selling them for 50!! GEEZ!!!

Brad Warden

Vanilla Zingers are the best!


It's too bad that Bimbo Bakeries didn't buy Hostess. That way Bimbo would make Ho-Ho's.

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