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April 18, 2013


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The hiring practices of law schools of late have deteriorated to the point of being ludicrous. Accordingly, the value of a law school education has been steadily diminished.
It is foolish to attribute the present enrollment crisis solely to the overall economy. This nation has gone thru many, many recessions since the Great Depression (and we are not currently in a recession, technically) but never since then has the value of a law school education been more questioned.
While all the hand wringing goes on about the enrollment crisis, little attention is paid to the causes. It is simply assumed that the financial collapse of 2008 (and its aftermath) caused an implosion of employment opportunities, and that that has caused a decrease in law school enrollments.
But, the employment trends were in place before 2008. Many were discussing this issue long before 2008.
What is most ironic? The alarm is now ringing so that no one can help but notice, but certain stubborn ideologues in academia refuse to wake up. Now, reality is knocking on the door, and will be refused entry no longer.

fred blancmange

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."



I agree that the recession isn't the sole cause of the employment crisis for Lawyers. But I hope as the economy recovers trends will show more lawyers being hired.


"Nothing is real."
John Lennon


These are helpful observations, aren't they?
Particularly when someone or something is sick and in need of treatment.

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