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December 12, 2012


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The question I (and others, I'm sure) will have is whether Koh will go back to the opinions he held while at Yale before, or keep the new ones he gained in Washington that were very different, sometimes quite the opposite, of those he had before. It was an interesting display, in many ways.

Ralph D. Clifford

I don't know, Matt. I think I'm more interested in which of the New Haven pizzerias he favors.


Yes, Mr. Koh has a lot to answer for. The leftists in the Academy gave him and the Administration an almost complete pass on the war in Libya, targeted killing, etc. Koh was more Bush than Bush. Wonder whether any Yale law students will be protesting his classes with black bags/nooses around their necks, etc., and the familiar displays John Yoo at Berkeley has come to endure. The Left's hypocrisy smells to high heaven. Their outrage extended only to electing Obama over McCain, no further.

Colin Picker

As a man of taste, as I believe he is, clearly he will be dining at Modern Apizza on State Street, eschewing Pepe's and Sally's (and clearly not Yorkside Pizza).

Colin Picker

Oh, and if I was back at Yale I would be thrilled to hear he was returning. I will not enter into the debate about his policies while in DC for I have not followed them closely - but I do know that things are much more complex and difficult when actually sitting in a position of responsibility.

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