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November 20, 2012


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James Grimmelmann

Thank you. For many people, irony is not so much a way of deflecting real engagement as a way of protecting it.

Jay Silver

Excellent points, John. Thanks. While each iteration of youth culture is criticized by those who came before, Professor Wampole, who’s in her thirties if I did the math right, is bitter before her time. And in denouncing the very group that pays her salary, she isn’t as un-ironic as she thinks.

Orin Kerr

More here:

David S. Cohen

Kids these days....

Rebecca Bratspies

I had a very similar reaction to the essay. She lost me at the good old, un-ironic days of the 1990s. When I look at my students, I am overwhelmed by their commitment to using law to make the world a better place. It makes me optimistic in a way that I never was during my own student days. Kids these days indeed!

Brian Frye

Isn't she really complaining about cynicism? Ironic.

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