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January 13, 2012


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What actually strikes me is the terrible art historical reference that the statute unintentionally invokes. Because Dr. King is part of the rock, it is reminiscent of Michelangelo's bound slaves series, suggesting that Dr. King is a slave. I know that it is not what the artist intended, but sheezh!

Stephanie Farrior

For me, the words are not simply "taken somewhat" out of context. They misrepresent Dr. King and what he said in a fundamentally important way.

Since the words are already all in upper case, here's a simple fix: Fill in the first two words so that it becomes a declarative statement: "A DRUM MAJOR FOR PEACE, JUSTICE, AND RIGHTEOUSNESS." This would be a fitting response to what he actually said, and from an artistic standpoint, though it would throw off the current center-justified spacing of the two lines, it would result in an arrangement of words that shows movement.

Bill Turnier

With the example of Strom Thurmond's grave stone in mind we can now appreciate the value of Roman numerals. A correction would only have required an ornamental gouge to the left of the V. And if another child were to surface, an I could simply be added to the right. If there was enough room, the stone cutter could accommodate up to 8 children.

Alfred Brophy

Stephanie--I like your suggestion -- even easier than mine, because all we'd have to do is to fill in four letters. I suppose that filling in may be more difficult than drilling more -- the fill in at Strom T's monument wasn't perfect, but I do think that may very well have the best solution.

Harry and Bill -- points well taken.

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