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April 27, 2008


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not a good year for cornell


It would be great if you did a GAINS column and a LOSSES column, or in this case a GAINS post and a LOSSES post. I realize I can get this info just by reading or doing a CTRL-F, but it would be interesting to have it compiled as it may show schools with quite a few departures.


How about Ernest Young from Texas to Duke.


Joan Howarth from UNLV to Michigan State (to be dean).

missing people

Doug Kysar to Yale

Tim Zick to William and Mary


When you do the updates, how about adding an "updated" or "new" word next to the additions? Just a thought, as this is a great service you're doing, and this way it's easier to see who's new to the list since the earlier version.


Richard Storrow from Penn State to CUNY


Anyone dare say what's going on at Penn State?


As with Lyman Johnson, the listing for Sunstein should reflect that the fact that he will continue to teach one quarter per year at Chicago.


Penn State: 2-campus law school = chaos. Losing good people.


Carla Pratt from Penn State to Texas Wesleyan.


Sunstein's listing should not include Chicago because he will only be teaching as a visting professor.


Hiroshi Motomura to UCLA from North Carolina


Stephanie Farrior from Penn State to Vermont


You had listed , then removed, John Tehranian as going from Utah to Chapman...what happened?


Why are so many senior people leaving UNC? I heard that the current Dean is not very ambitious for the place, other than making it the best law school for North Carolina public interest lawyers, but I am surprised and concerned to see some of the better faculty leaving.


Stephanie Farrior from Penn State to Vermont

Matt kronick

Stephanie Farrior's departure from Penn State is a huge loss, but more tellingly it's their fifth tenured departure in the last sixty days, at a time when that school is trying to spin the ABA into accepting the fiction of a second PSU campus tailgating onto a single accreditation. The earlier comment about chaos in the Happy Valley becomes more plausible.


It's the sixth tenured departure from Penn State so far this year:

Robert Ackerman
Carlos Ball
Stephanie Farrior
Robert Gatter
Carla Pratt
Richard Storrow



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